Taraneh Abarin

Assistant Professor of Statistics

PhD University of Manitoba, 2009

Office: HH-3058
Phone: (709) 864-8733
Fax: (709) 864-3010



Dr. Abarin received a B.Sc. in Statistics from Shiraz University in Iran in 1992. After spending another couple of years at the same university, she received her Master's degree in Statistics. She joined the Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) in 1995 and became a statistician, a senior statisician, a deputy director, and acted as a director. During over 9 years of work at the SCI, she participated in designing and planning many sampling surveys and three national Censuses, developing the national input-output tables, consulting researchers, and training many statisticians and graduate students. In 2004 she moved to Canada to do her PhD, also in Statistics, at the University of Manitoba. After finishing her degree, she went to Toronto to work as a postdoctoral fellow research at Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, at Mount Sinai Hospital. She joined the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in St. John's in July 2011, as an assistant professor.

Her research in the past has been on designing sampling surveys, sampling and non sampling errors, and small area estimation. During her PhD and post doctoral training, her research has moved toward Linear and nonlinear mixed effects models, measurement error models, and their applications in statistical genetics. Currently, she is working on developing advanced measurement error techniques that deals with mixed effects models which describe complex human diseases. Such models may include genetics and environmental factors that are measured with error and they might interact with each other.

Area of Research

Linear and nonlinear mixed effects models, measurement error models, statistical genetics, censored models, statistical inference, statistical computation, sampling techniques, small area estimation, non-sampling error problems


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