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Edgar Goodaire

Honorary Research Professor

PhD British Columbia, 1973
B.Sc. Toronto, 1969
CMS Distinguished Service Award, 2004
Science Atlantic Hall of Fame, 2013
Science Atlantic Outstanding Member, 2013

Office: HH-2025
Phone: (709) 864-8097
Fax: (709) 864-3010

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My research interests lie primarily within the field of nonassociative algebra. I like loops, especially those which are Moufang or Bol. I like rings, especially those which are alternative or right alternative. Some years ago, I discovered that there exists a class of Moufang loops whose loop rings are alternative, so one can ask the same questions about alternative loop rings which people have asked and are asking about group rings. In the mid 1990s, the late Dan Robinson and I found some Bol loops whose loop rings are right alternative, so the interest in loop rings continues. Here are a few representative publications.

  • Some Classes of Semisimple Group (and Loop) Algebras over Finite Fields, with Raul A. Ferraz and C\'esar Polcino Milies, J. Algebra 324 (2010), no.~12, 3457--3469; MR2735393
  • SRAR loops with more than two commutators, with Orin Chein, J. Algebra 319 (2008), 1903--1912
  • Advances in loop rings and their loops,Quasigroups Related Systems, 15 (2007), 1--18