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Math Kangaroo 2007

Pictures from Math Kangaroo '07

These pictures were taken on March 25th, 2007. Please click on a thumbnail to view a larger version.

Pictures from the Math Kangaroo '07 Awards Ceremony

The medals and certificates for the 2007 St John's edition of the Math Kangaroo contest/game were presented on May 26th by Dr Chris Radford (Head, MUN Department of Mathematics and Statistics) and Dr Margo Kondratieva (St John's representative for Math Kangaroo in Canada). Please click on a thumbnail to view a larger version of each picture.

Brend Newhook (Grade 3, Bronze)

Kurtis Galway (Grade 4, Bronze)

Nitish Bhatt (Grade 3, Silver)

Jack Echegary (Grade 5, Silver)

Bridget O'Brien LaPrarie (Grade 4, Gold)

Luke Dyer (Grade 5, Gold)

Lyndon Thorne (Grade 3, Gold)

Justin McGrath (Grade 9, Gold)

Enezi Khalid (Grade 8, Gold)

Mark Yang (Grade 11, Gold; 3rd Place in Canada)

Pavle Curcin (Grade 6, Gold)