Design Transformation Schedule and Process

Websites in the older "modern responsive" template will be transformed into the new design template prior to the migration of to a new content management system. The main, hub and a few high traffic sites will be moved first, beginning in April 2017. Remaining sites will be migrated in phases (groups).

Due to the complexity and scope of this project, the groups and exact timing of the roll out for individual websites will change. Updates will be provided here as the project progresses. 

Phase 1

  • Group 1: high-traffic, pan-university sites, including the main and new hub pages
  • Group 2a: "modern responsive" sites that are easy to transform, external facing, high-traffic and key to university operations
  • Group 2b: high-traffic and key to university operations but complex (difficult to transform due to unique features or functionality)
  • Group 3: remaining "modern responsive" sites

Phase 2

Note: sites in these groups may be transformed after the move to the new TerminalFour content management system.

  • Group 4 and Group 5: sites using other (older) design templates, faculty profiles and student groups or association websites. Sites currently in development could be launched sooner, depending on completion date.


Content owners will be contacted before, during and after design transformation, as outlined in the diagram below.

Site Migration Process


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