Leaderboard Manager 2.0

Each leaderboard (banner) will be compiled of two versions of an image. You do not need to use the same image. The larger image will appear on desktop versions of your site, while the smaller image will appear on the mobile version.

Both images will have an aspect ratio of 2:1.

Desktop: 2000x1000px
Mobile: 800x400px

Images can be JPG, BMP, or PNG. Other extensions are not compatible.

Leaderboards can be imported from the Gazette. Imported leaderboards must be from live stories. Leaderboards must also be from cover stories (cover stories feature the full size leaderboard above the story, for example: https://gazette.mun.ca/student-life/cup-champions/).

Link URLs must be preceded by http:// or https:// (ie. use http://www.mun.ca not www.mun.ca).

Internal leaderboards (non-landing page leaderboards or banners) will show as 750x375px on desktop displays. However, they still require a 2000x1000px image to be uploaded.


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