Memorial University templates

Web Content Services offers several different templates for faculties, associations and administrative units to choose from that are consistent with the standard Memorial look and feel. 

Memorial 2012 template

Memorial 2012 Template


To see the new template and to see how your site's colours would look in it, please click here.

Faculty profile template

Faculty profile

 Profiles are available to faculty members only.

As per the Collective Agreement between Memorial University of Newfoundland and Memorial University Of Newfoundland Faculty Association (February 26, 2010 - August 31, 2013) Faculty Members are defined as:

"Faculty Member" shall be an ASM appointed to the rank of Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor (Research), Associate Professor, Associate Professor (Research), Professor or Professor (Research).

 Contact the Web Editor with a list of faculty members who wish to have their own profile. C&C will create the blank profile and the Web Editor will schedule Site Builder training with the faculty member or person designated to maintain the profile.

When the profile is populated with content, contact the Web Editor. C&C will make the profile live (may take five to seven days).

Associations template


This template will be used for any groups associated or affiliated with Memorial.

If you have any questions contact the Web Editor.

There are a few differences between this template and a standard Memorial template:

Associations template
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The masthead is blue in color. It contains the name of the association and the Memorial logo. There are no quick links and no search box.

Associations template
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Departmental Links are now called Quick Links and are not in a blue box but a white box.