Commercial promotion on the web

Memorial University is a publicly-funded educational institution and therefore does not endeavor to compete with commercial businesses and/or organizations.

Commercial activity and corporate support can provide considerable benefits to the university community, but such activity must always be consistent with the values and mission of Memorial.

This policy is intended to:

  • describe the criteria for commercial promotion on
  • describe the authority for approval of commercial promotion on

Policy Statement

Commercial advertisements, logos, or endorsements are not permitted on, except when used to recognize sponsorship, promote a University business offering, or support the mission of the University.


This policy refers to all Official Web pages created or maintained by or on behalf of Memorial University and located within the University information technology environment, i.e., usually signified by the domain "" or within the range of Internet protocol addresses assigned to the University. Please see Disclaimer.

Authority and Procedures

This policy refers to the following types of commercial promotion on

  • Commercial Advertising - a message created and displayed for the primary purpose of promoting a business or organization and/or the products and services of that business or organization with the intent to influence choice, opinion, or behavior.
  • Sponsorship recognition – acknowledgement of support for a Memorial University project, program, or event. Sponsorship recognition differs from commercial promotion in that it does not contain promotional information about a product or service that goes beyond mere acknowledgment of support.
  • Endorsement - lending explicit or implied approval or support to products or services of businesses or organizations.

Commercial Advertising

  • Commercial advertisements are not permitted on except when used to promote a University business offering or to support the mission of Memorial University.
  • Permission to display commercial advertisements must be obtained from the Dean or Director of a unit or the Web Manager. Deans or Directors should ensure that use of unit web space for commercial advertising adheres to the criteria outlined in this policy, and that any issues regarding acceptable use are discussed with the Web Manager.
  • Questions or issues regarding commercial advertising on that cannot be answered or resolved by the Web Manager will be referred to the Web Implementation Committee and possibly the Web Policy Committee.
  • Hyperlinks to commercial Web sites, including text, logos or other identifiers, required and useful for University related activities, such as search engines, publishers, booksellers, and technical support resources, etc., may appear on However, promotional statements may not be associated with such links.
  • Personal and professional pages created and maintained by individuals for the purpose of displaying personal and professional interests or activities may not be used for commercial promotion.
  • Memorial University does not permit bartering of commercial advertising web space. The University shall not accept a good, service, or sponsorship of a University event or program in exchange for providing commercial advertising web space.

Sponsorship recognition

  • Web pages on may acknowledge corporate support or that of individuals for continuing programs or specific events.
  • It is acceptable to provide a hyperlink, including text, logos, or other identifiers, to the sponsors' commercial web pages. However, promotional statements may not be associated with such links.
  • The sponsor should be informed of the use of its logo on, and the use of the logo should maintain the visual presentation and integrity of the sponsor’s logo.


  • Memorial University, its faculties, departments, divisions, and administrative units, must not endorse and must not be perceived to endorse the product, service and/or message of commercial advertising on

Content Guidelines

The content of all commercial promotional activities on must comply with the following:

  • All applicable legislation, advertising regulatory codes and industry standards, including the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards and Gender Portrayal Guidelines, available on-line on the Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) website.
  • The mission, policies, and procedures of Memorial University.
  • Sound editorial procedure. Materials should be checked for accuracy and should be updated regularly.
  • The following types of advertisements will not be permitted:
    • Promotion of illegal activity
    • Promotion of anything inconsistent with Memorial University policies dealing with discrimination and harassment or contrary to human rights legislation
    • Promotion of tobacco products or alcohol products
    • Promotion of the sale of sexual services

Placement and Form Guidelines

  • The nature of commercial promotion should bear a relationship to the content of the web page.
  • A web page or web page structure cannot be completely dedicated to commercial promotional activity.
  • The total commercial promotional space must be limited to a minor portion of the visual canvas of any single web page.
  • The download time (and thus the byte-size) for a commercial promotional space must be limited to a minor portion of the total download time of any single web page.
  • Commercial promotional space should not usually involve animations, frames, child windows, scrolling task bars or any other intrusive usage of the medium that detracts from the main content of the page.
  • University bodies with a primary mandate to provide to provide goods and services to the University Community (e.g. Bookstore, Computing Products Centre, etc.) are exempt from the above Placement and Form Guidelines.


  • Commercial promotional activities on must adhere to the guidelines of the privacy statement, particularly with regard to the collection and use of personal information.


  • The domain includes web pages that are not Official Memorial University Web pages. Memorial has no active responsibility or control for their creation or maintenance. Such pages include, but are not limited to, those created and maintained by individual faculty members and students or student organizations. Although Memorial urges compliance with all policies and procedures, the university only provides Internet service in such cases and visitors to these websites should contact the owners for information regarding the policies and procedures under which they operate.

For more information, contact:

Paul Whittle, Web Manager
Marketing and Communications
Telephone: (709) 737-3517