Guidelines for web maintenance

Once your site is live, ensure that it is updated regularly.

  • Update contact lists and any other content that can change frequently.
  • For academic sites, post current course information in time for the coming semester.
  • Check the links on your site regularly to ensure they bring your visitors to the right page and fix broken links as needed.
  • Delete Site Builder pages (php files) and files you've uploaded (Powerpoint, PDF, etc) if they've become outdated. Even if you aren't linking to them on your site, visitors will still be able to find them by using the Search tool and will get inaccurate information.

Best practices

  • Don't recreate material that already exists on another page. Simply link to that page and give your visitors easy access to the most current information.
  • Use photos to add visual interest to your pages and complement the text and links. But don't use copyrighted images without permission.
  • Marketing and Communications has a photo gallery of images that you can use on university websites. Or check out royalty-free photo services online to get stock photography.