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How do I add or remove a new or existing user?

Add new user: To add a new user, fill out the information in the form given.The fields are:

  • first name
  • last name
  • user name (user name must be MUNLogin name.)
  • email
  • office #
  • phone # 


Any questions about your MUNLogin name or password can be directed to the Computing and Communications Help Desk (864-4595).

Users with local admin privileges have the ability to add and remove users.

Add new user

Add existing User: Select the name of the user you want to add from list of Site Builder users. Click Add Existing User.

Add existing user

Remove existing user: To delete a user, go to Admin. From list of users that access your site, select the person you want to remove.Click the Delete icon after their name.

Remove existing user

 See Content permissions and How do I give/remove permission to access content/features for granting or limiting access to content.