Websites launched in 2015


Site Name URL Date
Aboriginal Affairs Jan-13
Office of the Chief Risk Officer Jan-16
Learning and Development Feb-25
Department of English Mar-02
Guide to First Year Mar-18
Course Evaluation Questionnaire Mar-19
First Year Success Mar-20
Campus Enforcement and Patrol Apr-14
Biochemistry Apr-30
Faculty of Science May-07
Department of Anthropology May-12
OTPT Feasibility Study May-26
Bioethics Jun-02
Alumni Affairs and Development Jun-03
Memorial's Battery Facility Jun-19
Public Engagement Jun-19
Marketing & Communications Jun-26
Faculty of Engineering Jul-02
Civil Engineering Jul-02
Electrical and Computer Engineering Jul-02
Mechanical Engineering Jul-02
Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering Jul-02
Process Engineering Jul-02
Engineering Research Jul-02
Federal Public Service Jul-02
Service Public Federal Jul-02
Office of the Chief Information Officer Jul-15
Faculty Profiles
Sherry Mantyka Mar-18
Fereidoon Shahidi Jun-18