Site Builder (Our CMS)

What is Site Builder?

It's a do-it-yourself content management system.

Site Builder was developed by Marketing & Communications and Information Technology Services to make it easy for units to update and maintain a branded website. A common look and feel assists readers in navigating and locating information.

Site Builder enables quick updates without requiring special software or knowledge of web code. It allows units to focus on content instead of technology and design. All sites managed through Site Builder are a part of Memorial’s brand family and will remain within this look as it evolves.

What do users say?

"Site Builder is simply simple. In the past we struggled to manage websites developed by external contractors. Now, with Site Builder, we control our websites with this easy-to-use program." - Amanda Butt, SafetyNet

Thanks to Site Builder we now have a crisp, clean, user-friendly website. Being able to manage our content in-house solved so many issues for us. The workshops helped break the process into manageable pieces–don't worry if you're not a computer jockey; you can learn how to do it.” - Joan Sullivan, Newfoundland Quarterly

What's the benefit of using Site Builder?

By using Site Builder you clearly establish your page as a part of the university website. You can take advantage of high quality images, page layout, features and navigation developed specifically for Memorial without investing time and money in design and programming. The system ensures your content stays current by notifying you -- at a date you choose -- when it’s time to review and update each page.

What is the cost for using Site Builder?

It is free to units and faculty members, as long as you create and keep your site up-to-date!

How does it work?

Site Builder is located on a server managed by Information Technology Services. Once you make changes to a webpage, all data is saved within a database and published to the main MUN web server. All your pages are backed up.

What is the unit user's role?

Creating good web content is critical to the development of an effective website. The manager and editor can assist you in logically grouping content, writing web ready content, adding photos, creating lists of links and other elements.