Your step-by-step guide

Ready to get to work on your webpages?

  1. Contact us. We'll meet with you to dicuss your plans and how we can support your efforts. 
  2. Review your content. We can set you up with tools to help you inventory existing content and it's effectiveness.
  3. Get trained. Attend the next content management system training.
  4. Plan your site. Consider your key messages, target audiences, desired outcomes and site structure.
  5. Complete an Information Provider's Agreement form (IPA). Request your desired URL or redirect an existing site.
  6. Populate your site. Create and input content. 
  7. Edit, approve and test.
  8. Go live. Let us know 5-7 business days before you're ready to publish your webpages.
  9. Evaluate. Review your statistics and user feedback. Tweak accordingly. 
  10. Maintain your site and your skills. Get set up with Google Analytics, attend a content management system advanced training, and participate in a web writing workshop