What is content management?

Content management (CM) is the set of processes and technologies which support the collection, managing and publishing of information in any form. When stored and accessed via computers, this information is referred to as content (or digital content).

We use a content management system (CMS), Site Builder to mange digital content, as well as other tools including WordPress for blogs.

Content management is a collaborative process. It consists of:

Content creators - individuals responsible for creating and editing content. These are experts in your unit who work with Marketing & Communications

Site administrators - individuals responsible for managing access permissions to users. These local administrators may also assist and support unit users.

Web content services will train you how to use our CMS and provide recommendations on best practices for content creation and maintenance.

When updating content, we need to think about who consumes it - the reader who consumes and shares published content. We can work with you to develop audience based navigation, do usability, testing review site statistics, and consider accessibility standards. The web is a medium. It is only effective as your message.