Keeping your site fresh

In order to effectively communicate your message you must keep your audience interested. To do this, you need current content.

Ask yourself, when did I last update the website? The date is in the bottom right corner of a given page. Maybe it's time to refresh.

  • Have content experts do the updating

People most familiar with the content of your website will know when to update it. Individuals engaged in unit activities should champion online messaging. 

  • Do regular maintenance checks

Think of your website like a car. It needs regular maintenance. Book time to regularly review your website's content to ensure everything is current.

  • News and events

Keep your calendar and your news feeds up-to-date with relevant events and stories. You can share news across departments with the news tool. Remember, if the calendar and news feeds are empty they disappear.

  • Social media feeds add dynamic content

Take advantage of automated content. Include a social media feeds on your web page. Contact us with your account information to have feeds added to your page. 

  • Everything is connected, link to other content

Rather than duplicate content link to the original source. This ensures the content is current and credible.