Government relations foci


  • Public Relations – with public sector stakeholders, including government at all levels (federal, provincial, municipal, aboriginal, international), NGOs and other public organizations; augmenting existing links between government and the university; increasing two-way engagement between the university and government; providing better and regular access to and information about the university to senior government decision-makers; serving as a conduit, where necessary and appropriate, for co-ordinated government interaction with the university
  • Regulatory responsibilities – support for line university departments responsible for preparing regulatory reports to the provincial government
  • Provincial legislative requirements – in areas of accountability and transparency (i.e. ATIPPA, Transparency and Accountability Act)
  • Federal legislation – lobbying registration, other regulatory components
  • Support for senior Memorial officials – president, vice-presidents, Board of Regents roles, deans and directors in government relations/public affairs


  • Federal: Regional Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) minister(s) and senior political support staff; NL MPs, provincially-based senior departmental officials; and other MPs, granting agencies, NGOs (depending on topic/issue)
  • Provincial: Premier; ministers; senior departmental staff (Advanced Education and Skills, Health, other departments depending on topic/issue); political staff; senior officials at crown corps.
  • Municipal: Mayors and councilors (particularly in St. John’s and Corner Brook); other municipal politicians and senior officials
  • Aboriginal: Senior politicians and officials in Nunatsiavut, Innu Nation, Conne River Mik’maq, Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation, NunatuKavut ,some interaction with governments elsewhere (depending on topic/issue).