Scheduling Publications

When you would like to schedule a job but you're unsure where to start — call us. We are happy to talk you through the standard process and procedure.

The type of publications and/or printed materials you need to schedule and the number of production steps involved will affect scheduling; the more complicated the products, the more time and planning they will require.

Often, the best way to determine a production schedule is to work backwards. First decide when you need the finished product. Then work backwards, step by step, to allow time for each stage, including writing. We always suggest you build in more time than you anticipate — a cushion for the unexpected delay —especially if you're working with a committee.

For example, if you miss a proofing deadline and your job doesn't return to production on schedule, another job will be moved ahead to fill that slot. This will mean a delay in you receiving corrected proofs, final proofs, and your finished product.

We can help you plan a realistic schedule that will get the job done on time and on budget.

For more information, contact:

Patrick Tyler, Production Co-ordinator, 709 864 6194,