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Spring Cleaning

We've been spring cleaning!

Traditionally, spring is an opportunity to clean up and prepare for the next season. For web content services, working with ccwebworks, springtime is a prime time to review Memorial University's website and freshen it up.

We've spruced it up!

  • A new standard header spans the entire website
  • A consistent hyperlink colour is applied across the website, following recommended standards for consistency, accessibility and usability

We've tidied it up!

  • Side menus are clear, consistent and easier to navigate
  • Frequently visited content is brought forward on the site, enabling web readers quick access from the main page, especially the content that is required by prospective students
  • Based on user testing, we've renamed links, making them more intuitive
  • The new standard header provides a clearer connection between departmental pages and the university

So, does it stand up?

Do you like the sparkle, or did we miss a spot? Drop us a line and let us know your thoughts on our website's spring-cleaning. Email

The Future

During the coming year we'll be giving news and calendaring functions to departments that need it, providing a more sophisticated "template look and feel" to other units, updating our Graphics Standards Manual and giving a mobile version capability to all departments.