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Personal Safety

At Memorial, our Campus Enforcement and Patrol team works in partnership with students, faculty and staff to create a safe environment.

We offer a number of programs and services to ensure that everyone feels safe and secure when they work or study at our campuses.

Any bulletins about safety or security risks will be posted here and on

Campus Enforcement and Patrol officers patrol the grounds and buildings of Memorial's campuses on foot and by car. If you need help or want to report a problem, approach one of these officers.

In the event of an emergency of any kind, you can get help by dialling one of the numbers listed in the Emergency Procedures guide.

Make Campus Enforcement your first point of contact. We will ensure that the appropriate action is taken -- whether it's to send a patrol to the scene, call police, ambulance or fire department, increase patrols in the area or notify the community about a safety threat.

Video surveillance cameras are placed throughout the campuses to make sure that enforcement officers can identify suspicious activity and send a patrol to the scene.

New emergency telephones have been installed in the tunnels on the St. John's campus. Once a person places a call to report an emergency, a blue light above the phone will begin flashing to attract attention to their location and security cameras will be focussed on that spot until a patrol arrives.

In addition to the services of CEP, Memorial's student union - MUNSU - offers a program called Save Drive/WalkSafe in St. John's. This gives people a safe way to get home from classes or the library after dark. Call WalkSafe at 864-6464.

To stay informed on security and safety issues, consult Memorial's online news source,, and the portal, Those online services will report any recent incidents and crime statistics and inform the campus community of safety or security alerts.