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Ours is a time of ever increasing change due to an ever increasing expansion of knowledge. To operate on the level of our day is to apply the best available knowledge and the most efficient techniques to coordinated group action. - Bernard Lonergan, 1972.



The intent of this journal and website is to act as a forum for new ideas and applications of macrodynamics. Responses to each article are encouraged and will be posted on the JMDA website. A selection of the responses may also appear in a subsequent issue, with an opportunity for the author to respond.

Thus, the articles in the JMDA, although peer-reviewed, are meant to be considered as works in progress, each contributing towards a larger collaborative project.

The format

Although the JMDA does not currently appear in printed form, nor, unless demand takes an unexpected upturn, will it do so in the future, the standardised formatting available through the use of Adobe Acrobat (PDF files) allows us to proceed as if it were. Therefore pagination becomes standardised and not dependent on the browser of the particular reader, making referencing easier. The reader can download either the entire issue or individual articles, and treat them as 'offprints.'

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The Journal of Macrodynamic Analysis is a publication of
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