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Essential features for new CMS system

Based on the results of the questionnaire distributed to Sitebuilder users, plus growing trends in web page development, Web Services has developed an extensive list of creative web features that would be essential for a new web content management system (CMS).

  • Customizable ‘What-you-see-is-what-you-get’ web page editor
  • Customizable template choices
  • Base templates for specialty pages
  • Browser-based image-editing
  • Form creation wizard
  • Inherited (‘family’) Templates
  • Web page operation system compatibility testing
  • Access control properties and modifiable security controls based on customizable user roles (ie. administrators), departmental groups, and access levels.
  • Internal auditing functions:

    - User activity reports
    - Expired page reports
    - Page history/rollback (versioning)
  • Non-technical interface for web content editor
  • Form/wizard based web content editing
  • Prepackaged ‘widgets’ (content add-ons and editing tools)
  • Comprehensive help documentation and support
  • Browser-based web content management system
  • Taxonomy (hierarchy) organization
  • Additional security features ie. Web page content locking and content editing controls
  • Compatibility with Multimedia
  • Page expiry notification
  • Web page preview
  • Dead link notification
  • Management system of RSS
  • Regular updates/patches from Web CMS provider
  • Breadcrumb navigation aide
  • Automated menu/sidebar creation
  • Photo Gallery Tool