27 November 2012: Steady progress made toward first contract for MUN postdocs

Your Bargaining Team is pleased to report that steady progress has been made toward achieving a first collective agreement for Postdoctoral Fellows at MUN.

The parties meet again this week after two productive negotiating sessions earlier this month.

Since bargaining proposals were exchanged on October 30, 2012, LUMUN and the University have reached tentative agreement on 13 articles.

These are:

  • Preamble
  • Purpose
  • Union Recognition
  • Management Rights
  • No Discrimination and No Harassment
  • No Strike Or Lockout
  • Union-Management Committee
  • Reports and Resolutions of the University
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Arbitration Procedure
  • Outside Professional Activity
  • Health and Safety
  • Technological Change

This is excellent progress. But greater challenges lie ahead as your Bargaining Team prepares to tackle more postdoc-specific language, such as appointments, workload, academic freedom, and intellectual property rights.

The LUMUN bargaining team wishes to make further progress on outstanding language issues before tabling an economic package, so the two sides have not yet talked about wages and benefits, which we know are of utmost importance to the postdoc community.

We’ll continue to update you as bargaining progresses. Please stay tuned for further developments.

Please consider attending LUMUN’s AGM on the St. John’s campus (University Centre, UC-3018) next Tuesday, 4 December, at 7 p.m. During the meeting you will hear brief reports from the President, the Treasurer, and the Bargaining Teams (for postdocs and for per-course instructors). The meeting will be followed by a reception; pizza & beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be served. If you did not receive the earlier message about this meeting, please email lumuninfo@mun.ca for further information.


Dr. Robert Lewis, LUMUN President (Department of Sociology)

Dr. Mohamed Gouiza (Department of Earth Sciences)

Dr. Tiago Hori (Department of Ocean Sciences)

Dr. Polina Zheglova (Department of Earth Sciences)

Gail Lem, PSAC Negotiator