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Bachelor of Education (Focus in Linguistics)

For the BEd (Focus in Linguistics) at Memorial, you need to take 6 courses:

You must take THESE FOUR required courses

2100, 2103, 2104, and 2210.


  • You can take 1100 instead of 2100, 1103 instead of 2103, and 1104 instead of 2104.

Next, choose TWO of these electives

3000, 3100, 3104, 3105, 3150, 3155, 3201, 3212, 3500, 3850.

For more information:

Visit our page on linguistic areas to find out more about the courses we offer in historical linguistics, language acquisition, sociolinguistics, morphology and syntax, phonology, phonetics, or uncommonly-taught languages.

This page is a modified version of the official MUN calendar entry.