Jennifer Thorburn

Contact Info

  • Office: Sociolinguistics Lab (FM-2006)
  • Telephone: (709) 864-8343
  • Fax: (709) 864-4000
  • Email:


  • Gerard Van Herk

Research Interests

  • Sociolinguistics; Sociophonetics; Indigenous English; Newfoundland and Labrador English; Bilingualism; Language Maintenance; Endangered Languages; Aboriginal Languages.

Thesis Title

  • Indigenous English in Canada: A Case Study of Nain, Labrador.

Thesis Description

Interdental stopping and verbal -s are enregistered features of Newfoundland English (Clarke and Hiscock 2009) while the adjectival intensifiers right and some are considered trademarks of the dialect (Clarke 2010). I compare the Nain data against provincial norms, while considering transfer effects, since some Nain residents are native speakers of Inuttitut.