Stephanie Pile

Contact Info

  • Office: Grad Room SN3063
  • Telephone: (709) 864-3391
  • Email:


  • Dr. Julie Brittain
  • Dr. Yvan Rose

Research Interests

  • First Nations and Indigenous Languages (notably Algonquian, Iroquoian, and Eskimo-Aleut languages); Language Maintenance and Revitalization; Language Contact; Language Acquistion; BIlingualism.  

  • I am particularly interested in the design and implementation of community-based language revitalization programs (such as language nests and master-apprentice programs), as well as the development of resource materials for all stages of language learning. 

Thesis Title

  • Cree/English Code Mixing in Child and Child-Directed Speech:  A Case Study from Nothern East Cree

Thesis Description

Code mixing is the act of switching between languages (or codes) during speech; for example "I want to eat une pomme rouge" ("I want to eat a red apple").  Code mixing is a cross-linguistic phenomenon recognized by many linguists as both a potential warning sign of early language shift, and an indicator of speaker fluency.  I will be conducting a descriptive case study of the code mixing of one child learning Northern East Cree as his first language and English as his second, and comparing this to the code mixing of his adult interlocutor.  This data was collected as part of the Chisasibi Child Language Acquisition Study (, which examines the stages children pass through as they learn to speak Northern East Cree as their first language.