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  • Dr. Yvan Rose

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  • TBA

Thesis Description

Children show astonishing abilities for language acquisition. This is showcased by their fast and efficient learning of virtually all aspects of their parents’ language (e.g. its speech sounds, words, and sentence structure). However, how they achieve this feat is still not fully understood. In my research, I plan to focus on phonological development, on how children acquire the speech properties of their native language. Previous studies of this significant question have been primarily based on English-learning children. Given that languages differ in terms of their phonological properties, the findings from these studies must not be overextended to other languages.

As concerning French in particular, only a handful of longitudinal studies of French phonological development have been published in the last few decades (e.g. Santos 2007; Yamaguchi 2012). We are thus left with an empirical gap which hampers our refinement of theoretical models of phonological development and of applications of these models within educational or clinical settings.

I propose to address this gap through the contribution of a new longitudinal case study of the development of QF, which I will analyze using current, computer-assisted methods in corpus phonology. In particular, I propose to study this child's acquisition of consonant and consonant clusters across all the word forms recorded within my corpus. I also propose to publish my corpus at the end of my study. This will provide grounds for further investigations in other domains of that child's linguistic development (e.g. morphology; syntax).



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