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SUMMIT for Undergraduate Horizons Participants

The SUMMIT component of the HORIZONS program is for HORIZONS students once they enter Memorial University. This program is designed to give HORIZONS students at Memorial the opportunity to continue their leadership involvement, develop new relationships, and become a part of the Memorial Community.

What is involved in the SUMMIT Program?

The SUMMIT program begins with a welcome banquet near the beginning of the Fall Semester. HORIZONS at Memorial student are invited to attend this event to become familiar with the program coordinators, their fellow HORIZONS peers, and members of the program's donor groups.

HORIZONS at Memorial students are then included on the email list to receive monthly newsletters (The SUMMIT Singer) which is designed to keep the HORIZONS at Memorial students in the know about what's going on around campus. This newsletter contains volunteer opportunities, relevant events, interesting articles, and much more to keep our HORIZONS at Memorial students informed and engaged.

If you have any questions, or would like any more information about SUMMIT, please contact the Student Life Programs Coordinator: