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We would like to acknowledge two groups that are very generous donors to our HORIZONS program, and without whom this program would not be possible. These donors support our HORIZONS program by providing us with the necessary funds to offer the HORIZONS scholarship to 50 deserving high school students each year. Thank you to both the Fry Family Foundation and Johnson Insurance for your continued support.



About our Donors:

Fry Family Foundation:

The Fry Family Foundation is a New Jersey based not for profit organization funded and founded by Darryl and Marlene (nee Sellars) who were born and raised in St. John's, NL. The mission of the Fry Family Foundation is to help in the education and development of students. In particular the aim is to help those who have displayed leadership, to provide assistance to battered women and children, to enhance the lives of senior citizens, and to help develop an appreciation for nature. The majority of the work of the Foundation is in Newfoundland. Without the support of the Foundation over the past 9 years the HORIZONS program would not have been possible.

Johnson Inc.:

Johnson Inc. started out as a small, family-owned business that put its customers at the centre of the company. Today, their philosophy is the same. They are now one of the country's leading and fastest growing providers of insurance products and benefits. Johnson Inc. is the newest donor to partner with Memorial University to continue to make the HORIZONS program a success. They joined the program in 2012 and will continue to support the program until 2017. We are very excited to be working with them, so please check back soon for more information!