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HORIZONS Grade 10 Project - Central City

Delivering our first batch of recyclables!

Location: Central City High, Central City, NL
Activity: Developed a white-paper recycling program

Description: After noticing the amount of white paper the school was throwing in the trash, we decided to help the school set up a white-paper recycling program. We asked Mr. West (the Environmental Science teacher) to advise us. He helped us set up a meeting and get it us on the announcements. We had three meetings, and worked with the student council to contact the City Council.

1, How is this group/activity valuable to its community and our society?

Unrecycled paper goes directly to our landfills. Programs like these help divert a large quantity of plastic and glass containers from landfills. Recycling reduces pollution and saves energy that would have been expended when making products from unrecycled raw materials. In many places, you may be required or encouraged by law to recycle. However, in Newfoundland, it is up to concerned citizens (that’s us) to do something!

2. What skills were helpful in your work? Did you refine existing skills or develop new ones? How might you apply these newly discovered skills in other situations?

This task was all about sharing my opinion, and explaining how I came to that opinion, and even defending my opinion in a cool, concise way – some people really don’t see the point of recycling. So, communication was extremely important. I really had to think hard about how I would ask for help.

3. What are your long-term goals? How does this experience connect to your long-term goals?

My long-term goal is to be a high school teacher in Chemistry. This experience provided the chance to work for change in the school, and encourage others to change, too. I want to be a teacher because I want to make things happen by encouraging others.

4. Describe what you consider to be an “ideal citizen” of your community. What qualities do they possess? What values do they hold? Are they involved in the community?

An ideal citizen RECYCLES, even if that means going out of their way to do it! That’s what being a responsible citizen is all about – doing good things because you have the ability. Ideal citizens listen to the community’s problems, and find out how they can help.