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Frequently Asked Questions



1. When can I apply for Memorial Ambassador?

The selection process for new and returning Ambassadors begins in early January. Applications will be accepted by email or hard copy delivered to Answers, UC 3005. The application process for 2015 has concluded.

2. When is training?

There are two training sessions, one usually scheduled for March and one in September. This training will be for both new and returning Ambassadors.

3. Once I've been selected, when can I start taking part in events?

Ambassadors can attend events as soon as they are accepted to the program. Though it is recommended that Ambassadors attend training before participating in events, it is not essential.

4. I will be living outside of St. John's for the Summer/Fall/Winter trimester, are there events outside of St. John's that may need an Ambassador?

While most events are planned inside the city of St. John's, there are occasionally events that do take place elsewhere. Even while living outside of St. John's, you should keep checking the site for details on possible events.

5. Are the shirts unisex sizes?

No. There are separate shirts for male and female, so it is important to indicate your gender when ordering shirts.

6. Will we know which other Ambassadors are attending the same events as us?

Because it is up to the event organizer to select and inform Ambassadors of specific event details, it is at their discretion to let participating Ambassadors know who else will be attending the event. In some cases, you may receive a list of other Ambassadors, while other times you may not.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us by email at