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Current Ambassadors

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As current Memorial Ambassadors, you must enter your events at least 2 weeks after the event occurs. This benefits you as an Ambassador as it allows the committee to verify your current involvement for any potential letter of reference. Additionally, during every semester the Event Logs are reviewed and notifications are made for attendance of events logged. All Memorial Ambassadors are required to log at least one event per semester.

As a Memorial Ambassador, you are responsible for the following:

  • Attending at least two Memorial Ambassador events per year (ie. One per semester).
  • Attending all training sessions and meetings.
  • Arriving on time for every event. If you are unable to work when scheduled, you must call and inform the event organizer at least 24 hours before the event.
  • Completing the event log after each event as a record of your attendance at the event and the tasks you completed.
  • When on duty, behaving in such a manner as to ensure the good reputation of Memorial.
  • When off duty, remaining mindful that you are a representative of Memorial, and acting accordingly.
  • Not acting in a way that is detrimental to program.
  • Adhering to all rules and regulations set out in the Memorial Ambassador Contract.
  • Participating in program evaluation.