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Program Committee

Memorial Ambassador Program Committee

To provide a forum that can effectively manage and help in the selection and training of Memorial Ambassadors (MA’s) while providing guidance to selected members. The committee shall encourage involvement and develop interest in the Memorial Ambassador Program as well as seek opportunities for MA involvement on campus and within the community.

Committee members will be appointed by the Manager of Answers within Student Affairs and Services.

A. Membership
One member from each department is asked to participate as a Memorial Ambassador Committee Member.
The following representatives from their respective Departments are encouraged to participate as Memorial Ambassador Committee Members:

  • Committee Chair: Krystal Donahue -- Student Life Programs Coordinator -- Answers, Student Life
  • Paula Eddy-Shea -- Marketing and Events Coordinator -- Department of Marketing and Communications
  • Jennifer White -- Manager of Domestic Student Recruitment -- Office of Student Recruitment
  • Krysta Rudofsky -- Alumni Affairs Officer -- Alumni Affairs and Development

B. Responsibilities
Each committee member will be responsible for the following:

- Provide guidance for Memorial Ambassadors at events organized by the members’ respective
- Administrative duties as required

Any vacant position will be filled by appointment of the Student Leadership Coordinator.

Memorial Ambassadors are traditionally used for events coordinated by The Division of Student Affairs and Services as well as Member Departments/Divisions. Should outside Departments/Divisions request the involvement of Memorial Ambassadors, they are to seek approval by a Committee Member.

Changes to the Memorial Ambassador Terms of Reference will be approved by the Chair and made available to Committee Members by email.