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The Memorial Ambassador Program provides Memorial volunteers with an opportunity to represent the University at a wide range of activities and events such as: donor recognition events, advancement opportunities, convocation, special events, campus tours, student recruitment events, and high school visits.

Once selected, Ambassadors will receive specialized training in communications, networking, dining etiquette, etc. Upon successful completion of the program, Ambassadors will receive a personalized letter of commendation from the Dean of Student Affairs and Services.

The program is administered by Student Affairs and Services in partnership with the Division of Marketing and Communications, the Office of Student Recruitment, and Alumni Affairs and Development.

Our Memorial Ambassadors attend such events as: Affinity Dinners, Fall/Spring Convocation, President Awards Ceremony, Memorial Student Leadership Conference, Fall/Winter/Parent Orientation, Board of Regents and University Reception, and Scholarship Dinners, and much more.

Each year Memorial Ambassadors are chosen through a selection process which is comparable to a job application format. Each candidate undergoes an interview to determine acceptance into the program. Once accepted, Memorial Ambassadors are placed on a contact list. When an event is offered to the coordinator, all ambassadors are contacted via email requesting their interest to participate in the proposed event. Memorial Ambassadors are not obligated to participate in every event; however, there are a mandatory number of events that each ambassador is required to attend each year.




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