Labrador Institute Field School

The participants in Community Archaeology & Cultural Resource Management Field School  developed skills valuable in the humanties, sciences, and social sciences through the study of place and heritage.

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The field school took place July 3-August 4, 2017 in North West River & Sheshashiu, Labrador

The Labrador Institute Research Station in North West River was the facility used for the field school. 

Instructor:Dr. Scott Neilsen

Students received credit for these two Memorial University courses during the 5-week program: 

Community Archaeology (Arch 3585) 
Cultural Resources Management (Arch 3586)

Archaeology 3585-3586 Archaeology Field School offers students a practical introduction to archaeological fieldwork (3585) and laboratory techniques (3586). These courses provide instruction and experience in site mapping, sampling strategies, the recovery and conservation of archaeological materials (i.e., artifacts and ecofacts) and the cleaning, cataloguing and cultural interpretation of artifacts and features. The students will also receive an introduction to archaeological research concerning prehistoric and/or historic cultures of a selected region.

Please see the field school pamphlet for more information regarding participation, course content, and fees:

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