Summer 2010

Summer is upon us and we’re happy to be welcoming some new faces here at the LI. Robert Jong, our new summer student, has been hired to provide assistance in the office and take part in LI activities for the next few months. Robert JongRobert has just graduated from Mealy Mountain Collegiate and will be attending UBC-Okanagan in the fall where he is registered for general studies with a focus in the sciences. We’re happy to have Robert on board and we look forward to working with him.

Other new faces you might see on campus belong to Ilana Allice, Tom Artiss, and Vicki Hallett.Ilana Allice

Ilana arrived at the Happy Valley-Goose Bay campus in mid-June and will be here for the remainder of the summer. She is currently working as a research assistant for Johanna’s research project with Trevor Bell and is enjoying her time in Labrador thus far. Ilana has a background in Development Studies with an MA from York. We're happy to have her in Labrador and she is sure to be an asset to the project.

Another new face at the Happy Valley-Goose Bay campus is Tom Artiss. Tom is a PhD candidate at Cambridge University in the UK where he is studying Anthropology. Tom arrived in Goose Bay to make the start of the intersession semester where he was enrolled as a student in Inuttut I and II with Dr. Doug Wharram. Tom will soon be heading to Nain where he will live and research for the next year. We wish him the best of luck.

Dr. Doug Wharram was in Goose Bay again this summer teaching Inuttut I and II. The courses were offered during intersession and had great enrollment. Click here to listen to the class on CBC's Labrador Morning.

The Nunatsiavut Bachelor of Social Work program is running smoothly. Dr. Vicki Hallett, a new face on campus, is teaching Women’s Studies in the summer semester. Vicki’s research experience and academic interests are sure to be a benefit to the BSW cohort and the LI, as well. Other instructors this semester include Morgon Mills and Judy Bradley who are continuing with their teaching of English and Psychology, respectively. And our very own Jennifer Butler is teaching Introduction to Sociology.

Johanna’s climate change research is well underway and she has been travelling extensively to promote the work and gain community assistance. Johanna’s post-doc began in early April and will continue for one year. Additionally, we have recently positioned another post-doc at our Labrador West campus. Dr. John Thistle’s research project is entitled: “Making an Iron Ore Landscape”. As the title suggests, John will be investigating mining issues in Lab West from a geographer’s perspective.

In May and early June, Dr. Suzanne Mills and her research assistant, David Cox visited Nain and Happy Valley-Goose Bay to conduct research on the United Steele Workers labour union and workers’ perceptions of the ongoing strike. Jennifer provided assistance to Suzanne and David and is currently working with David on a gendered analysis of the data.

Martha and Jennifer are pleased to announce that “Very Rough Country” has been sent to ISER Books for formatting. It was a long haul, but the Labrador Explorations Symposium Proceedings should be published in 2010.

Keith and Jennifer recently received word that their SSHRC proposal for a workshop series in Labrador was accepted and funded in full. This series will travel around Labrador in an attempt to introduce groups and individuals to the different types of research and how an university can play a role. Moreover, the series is designed to provide information to groups who are looking for research consultants so that they may make the best choice for their projects. We’re excited to have this funding and we’re looking forward to getting in the communities and meeting new people.

Jennifer and Scott are continuing to work with the Sivunivut Community Corporation on their Health Canada climate change project. Scott is currently designing interview and survey questions that will be vetted through a community advisory board that is to be established by Sivunivut. Check out the CBC interview with Ed, Jennifer, and Scott via podcast!

Karen is very busy in Labrador City these days. With help from LI and CNA library staff, Karen is continuing to catalogue LI holdings. Karen is also busy working on a co-location agreement for the Labrador West Campus. Along with Ron, Karen is working closely with CNA administration to reach an amicable and mutually beneficial agreement.

The LI is ready to get renovations underway on the Happy Valley-Goose Bay campus and we’re currently in the process of finding a company to undertake the North West River renos. Once completed, the LI will have an immensely well-equipped and welcoming facility for researchers visiting Labrador. The completion of these projects is very much anticipated and we are looking forward to the outcome.

Finally, the Labrador Institute has been hosting presentations by scholars who are all vying for the Faculty of Medicine – Community Health Professorship slated to begin in Goose Bay in 2011. This is the first position of its kind in Labrador and we’re very happy to have high-calibre scholars interested in working with Labradorians in Labrador. The candidates are: Emily Cowell, Rebecca Schiff, Jack Hicks, and Lori McNeill. Presentations are taking place at the College of the North Atlantic in Goose Bay and are scheduled as follows: Emily Cowell presented on June 29; Rebecca Schiff will present on July 8 at 1:30; Jack Hicks will present July 16 at 11:00; and, Lori McNeill's presentation will take place on August 6 at 11:00am.