September 3-16, 2012

September 3-7: Rebecca was in St. John's and meet with colleagues concerning teaching and research, university affairs, and new graduate students.

September 3–7: Marie continued working on an article on eel migration patterns.

September 3-14: Rebecca continued preparations for the workshop on Aboriginal Health Research Ethics which is being hosted on September 25 & 26 in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

September 3-16: Rachel Hirsch was invited to submit a short article on evaluating community-based knowledge translation for the Arctic Net IRIS-2 Report. A draft of this paper is now under review by the project partners and will be used as a template for upcoming presentations and a larger mixed-methods scholarly publication. Rachel has been busy making arrangements for upcoming presentations in Burlington, Vermont and Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador.

September 3-16: The last few weeks were a busy time for the NCF and Rachel was able to help bag/weigh rock cod, ducks, pigeons, and seal meat.

September 4: Martha was able to confirm Goose Lane as the publisher for the new children's book that LI is doing.

September 5: Rachel Hirsch attended a staff meeting where plans for mid-program evaluation of the Nunatsiavut Government's (NG) Nain Community Freezer (NCF) Pilot Youth Outreach Program were discussed.

September 5: Math Placement Tests were written in Labrador West by students doing courses by Distance from Memorial.

September 5 & 12: Rachel Hirsch attended Kimberly Fredericks' Professional Development eStudy on Social Network Analysis for Beginners hosted by the American Evaluation Association.

September 5-16: Martha and Doreen have been busy setting up interviews for the RA position in Education, these will take place on October 2, 2012.

September 6: Labrador West Campus found themselves in possession of a "stereoscopic viewer" by donation. This will now be donated to the Geology Department at Memorial University.

September 6-16: Martha has been working on organizing the artist's residency project in North West River

September 7: Rachel Hirsch attended a NG Lands and Natural Resources Division staff meeting.

September 10: Martha attended the opening of new Nunatsiavut Assembly building and community feast in Hopedale.

September 10-13: SVOP Training took place; this was co-hosted by the Labrador Institute and the Marine Institute and was taught by Wayne Tucker, a contract trainer with the Marine Institute. Scott, Keith and Marie did the course and six students from the Dept of Fisheries and Oceans also took part.

September 11: Martha met with Jamie Jackman to discuss interviews for Sivunivut project.

September 11: Rebecca attended an Executive meeting of the Canadian Association of Food Studies.

September 11-Ron attended the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce planning committee meeting regarding the Northern Exposure Conference and Trade Show that is scheduled for St. John's, NL on January 21-23, 2013.

September 12: Rebecca attended a meeting of the Labrador Grub Hub (formerly Upper Lake Melville Food Security Network).

September 12: Martha attended a Bachelor of Social Work planning committee meeting.

September 13: Martha met with Kim Myrick and Sharon Pippy from the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning to finalize questionnaire for needs assessment

September 13: Rebecca attended Executive meetings of the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Housing and Homelessness Coalition and the Steering Committee of Food Secure Canada/Sécurité Alimentaire Canada.

September 13-14: Marine Basic First Aid Training took place; this was co-hosted by the Labrador Institute and the Marine Institute and was taught by Wayne Tucker, participants from the Labrador Institute were Scott, Keith and Marie.

September 14: Rachel Hirsch hosted a meeting to discuss the final phase of analysis for the Iqaluit to Ottawa Knowledge Tracking Project (via Skype).


October 3: Will be moving day for the new office! Keith is relocating to the new space; there will also have a meeting room with teleconference equipment and a third office will be used as a guest office for now.

October 4: Soil Scientist site visit will take place. The candidate will attend a series of meetings and will also prepare a presentation for LI staff and various stakeholders; more details to follow...