September 2-15, 2013

September 3: Martha was invited to join the editorial board at Breakwater Books for a special series.

September 4: Martha has been working on the promotion of the Master’s Certificate in Project Management to be offered in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

September 5: Jonathan Pearce, a grad student hired to work with Dr. Marie Clement started work.

September 5: Brandon Mesher’s contract was extended to allow time to finalize the library project he has been doing; his last day of work will now be September 27.

September 5: Martha met with NunatuKavut staff regarding participation in their planned book for children.

September 6: Martha attended a daylong Advancement Council retreat by teleconference.

September 9: Morgon's contract was increased to full time hours, and therefore the Labrador Institute Library and Archive is now staffed from 8:30 to 4:30 daily.

September 10: Martha met with Dr. Michael Jong, a faculty member in MUN’s Faculty of Medicine and also a physician in Happy Valley-Goose Bay; Dr. Jim Rourke, the Dean of Medicine; and a visiting specialist in rural medicine from South Africa.

September 10: Labrador Institute staff meeting was held.

September 11: Martha met with Ryan Gibson from the Harris Centre to discuss Labrador Institute activity.

September 12: Doreen worked on updating the status of ergonomics follow-ups and also ergonomics assessments for new folks.

September 12: Doreen and office staff were busy with lots of fiscal activity!

September 13: Andrea Procter submitted a paper entitled "Uranium and the Boundaries of Indigeneity in Nunatsiavut, Labrador" for an upcoming workshop in St. John's on extractive industry and the Arctic.