September 16-29, 2013

September 16-18: Scott travelled to St. John's Campus for his first Faculty and Departmental meeting for his new role with the Department of Archaeology.

September 16–20: Marie Clément was in St. John’s for the first committee meeting of Jonathan Pearce (the Ph.D. candidate that will identify genetic structure and rivers of origin of Atlantic salmon in Lake Melville) as well as other meetings.

September 16-27: Karen added staff web pages for our new staff. Most staff and faculty should now have a page on the LI website.

September 17- Ron met with Dr. Andrea Proctor for a general discussion related to her research regarding the Muskrat Falls development.

September 19: Martha met with board members from the International Grenfell Association to discuss research funding possibilities.

September 23: Ron participated in a conference call meeting with Dr. John Thistle, LI, and Chris Southcott, PI, Resources for Sustainable Development in the Arctic (ReSDA) focusing on John’s research and its relevance to ReSDA objectives.

September 23-26: Ron was busy with preparation for ReSDA workshop and steering committee meeting scheduled for October 8-10.

September 23-27: Computing and Communications (C&C) visited the Labrador Institute to complete expansion work to add us to the main Network (more computing capabilities will follow as a result). Martha also met with Harold from this C&C team while he was in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

September 24: Joinal, Merline, Bryn, Scott, Martha and Marie met with visitors from Facilities Management at the North West River Research Station to work on a plan for modifying the laboratory space there.

September 27: Library Assistant, Brandon Mesher finished his contract, and brought our Labrador census data project into the final stages of data preparation. Excellent work! Brandon will be missed.

September 27: ACOA budget and research update 3 submitted.

September 28: Joinal arrived in Girdwood, Alaska to attend the 8th Circumpolar Agricultural conference where he is presenting a poster on the results of their field experiments, titled “POTENTIAL FOR USING BIOCHAR TO IMPROVE SOIL FERTILITY AND INCREASE CROP PRODUCTIVITY IN THE SANDY SOILS OF HAPPY VALLEY-GOOSBAY, NL”.