October 29-November 11, 2012

October 29: The Labrador Institute presented The Aboriginal Speaker Series by Webcast in collaboration with Grenfell and St. John’s campuses. The speaker was filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin. Martha is a member of the committee that organizes the series and Beatrice also worked on this.  Several Labrador Institute staff attended.

October 29: Rachel Hirsch helped prepare for and attended a meeting with one of the funders of the Nunatsiavut Government's (NG) Nain Community Freezer (NCF) Programs.

October 30: Rachel Hirsch organized and attended a Halloween-themed filmmaking workshop as part of the NCF Pilot Youth Outreach Program.  

October 30-31: Martha and Ron consulted with the rest of the hiring committee at the Faculty of Education and selected a candidate for the RA position in Aboriginal teacher education.

October 31: The Labrador Institute appeared in the Gazette, Memorial’s newspaper, about the recent launch of the Innu-aimun version of Polar Bear in the Rock.

October 31-November 4: Marie Clément attended the ACUNS conference (Nikan: The Future of North) in Val d’Or, Québec.  

November 1: Martha attended a meeting of the group of experts working on the Public Engagement framework.

November 5: Martha finalized the ad for illustrator needed for new children’s book. This has gone out to the Visual Artists Association and to various networks.

November 6: Martha organized and took part in consultations on Memorial’s commemoration of WWI.  Several members of the public as well as the Labrador Institute attended the consultations in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.  Representatives from Memorial in St. John’s included Catherine Dempsey (consultant), Dr. Sean Cadigan, Victoria Collins, Gerald Andersen and Bert Riggs.

November 6: Rachel Hirsch attended (by phone) a research group meeting of the Rural, Northern, and Aboriginal Health Division of the Newfoundland Centre for Applied Health Research. 

November 7: Marie Clément attended afternoon discussions of the Greenland Halibut Workshop organized by the Torngat Secretariat in Happy Valley – Goose Bay.

November 7: Marie and Ron participated in a telephone meeting with Dr. Paul Foley, assistant Professor, Environmental Policy Institute, Grenfell Campus.

November 7-9: Morgon travelled to St. John's to attend a workshop on copyright in archives, offered by the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives. While in the city, he also met with colleagues at the Queen Elizabeth II Library and Centre for Newfoundland Studies, to discuss our ongoing collection development projects.

November 8:  Ron participated in a teleconference session with Willis Jacobs, Executive Director, Aerospace and Defense Industry Association of NL.

November 8: Marie Clément met with Aaron Dale from the Torngat Secretariat to discuss potential projects on Arctic Charr.

October 31- November 11:  Rachel Hirsch was busy preparing mid-program reports, proposals for the extension of the NCF Pilot Youth Outreach Program, and helping to prepare for upcoming presentations. Rachel has also been working closely with NCF staff members to prepare for the end of her position as the current LI PDF. Some of these activities have included: creating an encrypted folder for sharing confidential data using Dropbox, offering training on data reduction/analysis using Microsoft Excel, and continuing to input evaluative materials for the NCF Programs. Rachel also reviewed a research protocol as part of her duties as a member of York's Aboriginal Research Ethics Advisory Group to the Human Participants Research Committee. Rachel was also pleased to help bag/prepare moose meat.

October 31-November 11:  Karen worked on finalizing details for the Labrador Institute’s 2011-2012 Annual Report, which will be posted on our website soon.