October 28-November 10, 2013

NSERC awarded a strategic project grant of $600,000 to Drs. Bentzen (Dalhousie University), Beiko (Dalhousie University), Bradbury (DFO), Gregory (DFO) and Barrett (National Institute of Health), and Marie Clément to develop genomics approaches for the management of Atlantic salmon and cod mixed fisheries.

October 28-Novemebr 10: Martha, Karen and Andrea have been getting the word out about a course that will be taught by Andrea during the winter semester, Anthropology 2412 (Resources, Aboriginal Rights, and Social Justice in Labrador). Please contact Andrea or Martha if you require more information.

October 28: Martha has been working on a draft communications plan for the Labrador Institute.

October 30: Martha attended the Deans and Directors’ meeting at St. John’s Campus; while there, she also met with Dr. Wardlaw (VP Academic) and Theresa MacKenzie from the Office of Public Engagement.

October 31: Martha met with Susan Cleyle, the Director of DELTS.

October 31: Doreen participated in a webinar and training session on Financial Reporting with FAST database.

November 1: Martha attended a meeting about the Aboriginal Teacher Education program.

November 1-3: Andrea attended CAUT's Forum on the Role of Aboriginal Academic Staff in Social and Political Change in Toronto.

November 2: Martha attended the AGM of the CURA project “Understanding the Past to Build the Future”.

November 5: Martha compiled a list of University of the Arctic courses that could be offered from the Labrador Institute.

November 5: Ian Fleming, Jonathan Pearce and Marie Clément presented a seminar entitled “Memorial University aquatic research initiatives in Labrador”. This presentation and visit of Dr. Ian Fleming was funded through the Memorial cross-campus initiative funds.

November 6: The Alumni Event and Speaker Series with Kevin Major was well-attended and well-received, with many interesting historical tidbits about Labrador passed around, and a surprise sneak preview of Hold Fast, the movie adaptation of Major's first novel.

November 7: Martha attended a Public engagement consultation group meeting.

November 7: Karen is now “Research Coordinator” with other departments for LI and will be contacting researchers for more information.