October 15-28, 2012

October 15: Ron participated in a ReSDA Steering committee teleconference meeting.

October 15: Rachel Hirsch attended an online meeting to discuss report writing after the joint Labrador Institute and Labrador Aboriginal Health Research Committee Aboriginal Health Research Ethics Workshop in Happy Valley-Goose Bay earlier in September.

October 16: Rachel Hirsch attended an online meeting of Chris Furgal's Research Group at Trent University focused on research ethics and community engagement.

October 16: Several Labrador Institute employees attended a book launch of the Innu-aimun version of Polar Bear in the Rock at the Sheshatshiu Innu School. This second edition of the book was able to be completed through funding from Hibernia, arranged by Memorial's Office of Alumni Affairs and Development. At the launch, project editor Martha MacDonald read the book in English, alternating with translator Anne Nuna Rich who read the Innu-aimun version.

October 16: Keith met with the with Dean of Science by teleconference to discuss the cost shared Science Faculty position.

October 16: Keith met with the Director of Facilities Management by teleconference to discuss space planning for the Labrador institute.

October 17: Ron and Martha participated with Martha in an interview of a candidate for the Research Associate (Education) position.

October 17: Martha attended a Bachelor of Social Work planning meeting.

October 17: Martha joined Memorial's student recruiters at the CNA and at Mealy Mountain Collegiate.

October 18: Keith met with Dr. Chris Southcott and a group of Memorial University researchers to discuss ReSDA projects.

October 18: Doreen attended Memorial's Academic Managers Meeting on behalf of LI. She will be attending this meeting monthly on a go forward basis.

October 18: Rebecca Schiff organized and held a Research Discussion Group. Erica Oberndorfer did the presentation. Labrador Institute staff as well as some members of the public attended.

October 19: Some LI staff participated in a day long ReSDA Labrador Research Meeting, led by Dr. Chris Southcott, Principal Investigator for the Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic (ReSDA) project.

October 19: Martha and Doreen attended the Youth Career Fair in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

October 21: Martha departed to attend the Inuit Studies conference which was held at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC from October 24-28, 2012.

October 22: Karen was on hand in Labrador West to help host Ron O'Neill, a Memorial Academic Advisor who was on Campus to speak with CAS Transfer Students.

October 23: Ron met with CNA President Ann Marie Vaughan during her visit to the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Campus.

October 23: Rachel Hirsch helped to organize and attended a tour of the OKâlaKatiget Society in Nain with youth participants in the Nunatsiavut Government's (NG) Nain Community Freezer (NCF) Pilot Youth Outreach Program. Additionally, later that evening, Rachel Hirsch was present to help a community freezer staff member teach a few of the youth how to prepare a seal for the community freezer.

October 25: Interviews were completed for RA Earth Science/Minerals Deposits position. References are currently being checked in anticipation of extending an offer for site visit later in November.

October 26: Keith and Ron met with Ron Bowles, Assistant Deputy Minister for the Department of Labrador Affairs.

October 26: Morgon has acquired some more new titles for the library, including books and music CDs

October 26: UNISA exams started in Labrador West and will continue on for a period of two weeks. There are two students writing exams during this period.

October 15-28:

There has been some shuffling of office space going on at the Labrador Institute recently. Since Keith has now moved into a different space, Doreen is now using Keith's old office, and has completed our new "Administrative Department" consisting of Beatrice, Diane and Doreen all located in one area.

The Faculty of Education, Aboriginal Community-Based Teacher Education position has now been advertised. Deadline to apply is November 2, 2012

Marie has been busy in completing a revision of a manuscript for the Fisheries Research and is continuing on with the redaction of the manuscript on eel migration.

Rachel completed an article review for "Conservation and Society".

Rachel helped NCF staff members prepare for a youth trip to Okak Bay.

Rachel was also engaged in several report and proposal writing activities related to the NG's NCF Pilot Youth Outreach Program.

Rachel continued to help weigh/prepare seal meat and ducks for the community freezer.