October 1-14, 2012

October 1-5, 2012:  There has been some shuffling going on at the Labrador Institute and our director, Keith Chaulk is now moved to a new office location at Nunacor, 169 Hamilton River Road, Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

October 1–5:  Rebecca Schiff was in St. John's to meet with colleagues and graduate students in Community Health & Humanities.

October 1: Marie Clément met with Craig Wells of the Department of National Defence in Ottawa to discuss the DND remediation program and potential  research projects on the effects of contaminants.

October 1: Martha MacDonald chaired a meeting of the CURA governing board (Lisa Rankin’s project).

October 2: Rachel Hirsch attended Chris Furgal's (Trent U) Research Group Meeting (via Skype) on publishing and the intersections between community and academic review processes.

October 2:  Ron and Martha  joined in on the interview with the Faculty of Education for the first of the candidates for the RA position in education.

October 2–7: Marie Clément represented the Labrador Institute at the Canadian Network of Northern Research Operators (CNNRO) meeting held in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

October 3: Martha has been working on the artist in residency program with Grenfell Campus and a discussion with Charlotte Jones, Acting Art Gallery Director, revealed that they have received funding to send an artist to our research station in North West River for an artist residency.

October 4-5:  Keith and the Labrador Institute hosted a visit by Dr. Joinal Abedin, a candidate for the Soil Scientist position with the Labrador Institute;  this visit was highlighted by a public lecture delivered by Dr. Abedin in Room 106  at the College of the North Atlantic;  LI staff attended this event.  Dr. Mano Krishnapillai from Grenfell Campus was also present and the group also enjoyed a site visit with farmers and a visit to the North West River Research Station.

October 5: Rachel Hirsch attended a Nunatsiavut Government (NG) Department of Land and Natural Resource's Staff Meeting.

October 8-12: Keith Chaulk spent the week In St. John’s; while there, he did a presentation at the Senior Academics Administrators Group (SAAG) meeting.  During the week, Keith met with the following on behalf of the Labrador Institute: Dr. David Wardlaw, Vice President Academic; Mr. Chad Butt of ACOA; Dr. Paul Sylvester, Professor, Earth Sciences; Dr. Lynne Phillips, Dean of Arts; Mr. Kent Decker, Vice President of Finance;  the Department of Biology’s Dr. Paul Marino, Departmental Head and Dr. Craig Purchase, Professor; and Mr. Graham Mowbray, Director, Computing and Communications.

October 9: Martha met with Peggy Miller from DELTS to discuss applying for cross-campus initiative funds to bring DELTS here to talk about possible projects.

October 9: Rachel Hirsch helped organize and attended a NCF Staff Meeting to discuss upcoming NG Nain Community Freezer (NCF) Pilot Youth Program activities and priorities for the remainder of her LI PDF.

October 10: Rachel Hirsch met with a member of the OK Society in Nain to discuss a possible series of workshops to teach the youth how to do documentary film-making.

October 11:  Rebecca Schiff and Erica Oberndorfer hosted a meeting with Torngat Secretariat, NunatuKavut, and Nunatsiavut to present findings of their preliminary research on traditional plant use in Labrador and to discuss directions for future research.

October 11: Martha attended an Advancement council meeting.

October 11: Rachel Hirsch attended a meeting of York's Aboriginal Ethics Research Advisory Working Group via phone.

October 12: Martha met with Sharon Pippy to discuss final additions to the Needs Assessment Survey.

October 1-14:  Karen in Labrador West and Martha in Happy Valley-Goose Bay have been busy preparing for a visit by MUN’s Academic Advisor to CNA Campuses in Labrador next week.

October 1-14:  Preparation for the Fall seating of UNISA exams has been taking place in Labrador West.

October 1-14: Rachel Hirsch trained a new NCF staff member on the tracking and evaluation techniques for the NCF Pilot Youth Program.

October 1-14:  Rachel worked with the NCF Staff to adjust the Pilot Youth Program procedures for trip journals and drafted a duties list for both NCF programs.

October 1-14:  Rachel submitted a short article on the Iqaluit to Ottawa Knowledge Tracking Project for the 2012 ArcticNet IRIS-2 Report.

October 1-14:  Rachel helped bag/weigh/prepare seal meat and porpoise mattak.

October 18:  Breaking News! Joinal Abedin has accepted the Research Associate (Soil Science) contractual position and his start date will be Monday, November 5, 2012.  Welcome Joinal!