November 26-December 9, 2012

November 20-23:  Ron Sparkes attended a meeting of the Resources for Sustainable Development in the Arctic (ReSDA) Steering Committee and also the ReSDA Second Annual Workshop held in Whitehorse, YT.

November 25-December 1: Labrador Institute Research Station hosted the Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Studies, Mario Blaser, while he is conducting workshops/meetings on Caribou with the Innu and others. Marie Clément was able to meet with Mario to discuss potential collaborations to synthesize already documented local knowledge on salmonids and to fill any identified knowledge gaps.

November 26: Labrador Creative Arts Festival showed films from the LI collection, illustrating the festival theme of Transformation.

November 26-30: Sivunivut Project prepared to start interviews, and has started collecting satellite ice data for lake melville. This information is available to the community members so that they can check Lake Ice conditions.

November 26-30: Rebecca Schiff spent time in Alberta for meetings.

November 26-December 9: Marie is currently elaborating the study design of a research program on salmonid populations in Lake Melville.

November 28: Martha MacDonald attended the Governor-General’s Literary Awards at Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

November 29: While in Ottawa, Martha carried out research at the National Library.

December 3: LI staff in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and North West River met with Graham Mowbray, the Director of Computing and Communications.

December 3-7: Rebecca was at St. John’s Campus for meetings with colleagues there.

December 4: Martha attended a meeting with Marketing and Commmunications regarding the IBSW graduation. The president’s attendance is confirmed for June 14, 2013. Martha and Nathaniel will be doing the planning for the event.

December 4: Interviews started for the Sivunivut Project and will continue into January.

December 4-11: Keith Chaulk spent some time at St. John’s Campus meeting with ACOA, industry representatives, the Deans of Arts, Science, and Education, MUN’s Provost, MUN’s President and he also attended a meeting of the Senior Academic Administrators Group (SAAG) on December 11.

December 5: Martha attended a IBSW steering committee meeting

December 5: Martha attended (by telephone) a retreat of the group planning the World War I commemorations by Memorial University.

December 5-7: The Research page on our website has been updated with the most current information to date.

December 7: Most LI staff attended a very interesting and informative lecture by LI’s post-doc, Rachel Hirsch, on the Community Freezer Program. Rachel has completed her research in Nain; therefore, this concludes her time with us. It really was a joy to have her with the Labrador Institute and we wish her all the best in the future!