November 12-25, 2012

November 12: Nathaniel Pollock Submitted a proposal for phase 2 of his thesis research to the Nunatsiavut Government's Research Review Committee.

November 13: Marie Clément attended a presentation on computer based satellite ice monitoring system in North West River.

November 13: UNISA exams finished in Labrador West for the current session.

November 13: Martha MacDonald met with Christina Roy whose husband is planning to publish a book of paintings done in Labrador communities (he published one on Newfoundland which has had a lot of publicity) and she wanted information on translation and various aspects of Labrador history.

November 14: Martha met with Dr. Leah Levac from UNB who is part of the FemNorthNet SSHRC project.

November 14: Rebecca Schiff met with the Food Security Network of Newfoundland and Labrador and NunatuKavut to discuss research.

November 15: Nathaniel submitted a draft manuscript to the proceedings of the International Circumpolar Health Congress 2012.

November 15: Rebecca co chaired a meeting of the Happy Valley – Goose Bay Housing and Homelessness Coalition

November 15: Doreen Best attended a conference call on upcoming transition to the University’s new HR financial system for payroll, Banner HR, which goes live Dec 10th. There will be no current change for LI’s payroll processes at this stage however it may become a departmental responsibility for us in the near future. The only impact for LI at this point is staff who normally receive a paper paystub will no longer receive it is this method. Staff wishing to view their paystubs will be required to log into to view pay information after the middle of December.

November 16: Rebecca met with Dr. Leah Levac about research that she is conducting in Central Labrador to create a vitality index for women.

November 16: Rebecca, along with other Mokami Status of Women Council board members and staff, accepted a generous donation from CBCL for the Women Helping Women program at the Womens Centre.

November 17: Martha send out the needs assessment surveys to all the schools in Labrador.

November 18: Martha has been working on circulating the ad for an illustrator for the new children’s book; Karen has posted it on our LI facebook page as well as our LI webpage.

November 19: Martha attended a meeting regarding the Labrador Film Foundation, which will promote our film collection and will pave the way for an eventual festival of new films in Labrador.

November 19: Rebecca chaired the Mokami Status of Women Council Board meeting.

November 19-20: Nathaniel presented on his thesis research at the the Atlantic First Nations Health Conference in Moncton, NB.

November 19-23: Scott Neilson was at the St. John's campus during the week conducting library research.

November 19-23: The Labrador Institute research Station in North West River hosted PhD. Candidate in archaeology Chelsee Arbour, while she conducted community outreach in Sheshathsiu, NL.

November 20: Karen has made the Labrador Institute’s 2011-2012 Annual Review available for viewing on our website:

November 20: Rebecca met with the Supported Living Program staff of Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation.

November 20-27: Labrador Creative Arts Festival has been taking place. The LI is a sponsor/partner and we have shown some of the films from our collection.

November 21: Martha attended a planning meeting for IBSW program. Students will be going into final placements after Christmas. Graduation is planned for June. An ad is being developed in consultation with HR for an evaluator of the program.

November 22: Martha attended a meeting of a new committee made up of 5 people to plan the launch of the public engagement framework.

November 22: Nathaniel Interviewed MP, Harold Albrecht for a news article in the journal Health Science Inquiry, on the proposal to develop a national suicide prevention strategy.

November 22: Nathaniel attended an orientation session and met with a content expert at the National Archives of Canada.

November 22: Rebecca hosted another Labrador Institute Speaker Series with Chelsee Arbour and Anthony Jenkinson presenting on archaeological fieldwork conducted in Kamestastin this year.

November 23: Nathaniel participated in a conference call for the committee chairs of the 2013 Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics National Student Conference which will be held in St. John's during June 22-23, 2013.

November 25: Doreen is currently working on the arrangements and preparation for the Earth Scientist/Mineral Deposits candidate site visit that will happen from December 11-14, 2012.

During November 12-25: Beatrice, Diane and Doreen have overhauled the admininstration space. They’ve been busy archiving and re-organizing. Everyone is welcome to stop by to see their new area!

During November 12 - 25 : Marie met with Alex Saunders (board member of the Torngat Secretariat), Rebecca Willcott (Nunatsiavut Government), Ed Tattauk (Sivunivut Corporation), Dean McLean (Conservation officer – Nunatsiavut Government) and Ernest McLean (Mayor of North West River) to receive input on a proposed research project on the dynamics of salmonid populations in Lake Melville. Marie revised and edited the French translation of a DFO Science Advisory Report (Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat) on assessing the effectiveness of habitat compensation activities in Canada. Marie also finalized a manuscript on eel movements in Fundy National Park (New Brunswick).