May 28-June 10, 2012

Here is the LI: Bi-Weekly Review for May 28-June 10, 2012

Morgan Mills added 80 items to our circulating library holdings, including 72 DVDs from the Labrador Institute Film and Video Collection, 5 new audiovisual acquisitions, and 3 new print items. These are currently left with CNA library staff for cataloguing. Among the print items is Settlement, Subsistence, and Change Among the Labrador Inuit, which contains a chapter co-written by Keith Chaulk.

Morgan arranged the donation of one box of materials to Them Days Inc., and another to the Labrador Correctional Centre, for use in their cultural education programs.

An archival collections policy for the Labrador Institute was enacted by Morgan Mills. Archival holdings are to be accessioned and described; non-archival holdings are to be transferred to the library, as appropriate; items outside the policy (e.g. copyrighted materials, or materials not pertinent to our collections mandate) are to be excluded.

Production footage from an 1919-1920 HBC promotional film, including footage of the Labrador coast, was ordered for inclusion in the Labrador Institute archives.

A generous donation of 209 photographs and captions from Dr. Christopher Wynes and his wife Carol, depicting North West River and other Labrador communities, mostly between July 1966 and December 1967 were donated to the Labrador Institute archives.

In North West River, Scott Neilsen has been busy preparing field equipment for summer work as well as working with visiting Memorial University researchers to line up accommodations and field equipment. Scott has also been finalizing plans for a visiting volunteer and intern. Hugh Verrier is volunteering at the research station for one month. He will arrive on June 20th. Ben Zukowski is doing an internship with the Labrador Institute for about 6 weeks. He will arrive on June 27th.

Scott has been working with MUN Office of Research and Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation to get a Statement of Work signed for an archaeology project in Sheshatshiu.

Scott has been working to identify and schedule boat training courses required by LI staff (operation and First Aid).

Rachel helped wash, weigh, bag fish/meat for the community freezer in Nain(104 bags of seal meat and 64 char).

May 28: Martha organized a CURA teleconference, to be held June 26.

May 28-30: Keith Chaulk attended a meeting in St. John's regarding northern research opportunities.

May 29: Martha was interviewed by a reporter from The Labradorian about the proposed BA with a major in Aboriginal Studies. The story will run in the Labradorian today and ran on the front page of today's (June 11) Aurora as well.

May 31: UNISA exam in Labrador City

May 31-June 1:. Site visits and public presentation were held for a candidate for the soil scientist position with the Labrador Institute, Dr. Natalia Startsev. Most staff were involved in these events and Scott toured her around local farms and around North West River. A staff meeting with Natalia and LI staff was also held on May 31.

June 4: Ron Sparkes attended a Board of Directors Meeting of the Newfoundland and Labrador Quarterly magazine on June 4.

June 4: Martha attended a Bachelor of Social Work planning meeting. Planning is currently underway for fall courses and evaluation of the program.

June 4: Rachel was interviewed as a key informant as part of the conceptual development stage of a project on country food access.

June 5: UNISA exam in Labrador City.

June 5: Rachel attended a Nain Research Centre staff meeting

June 5: Rachel attended a York University Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability executive meeting (via Skype)

June 4 & 5: Stepping up to Supervisor went ahead in both Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Labrador City with 11 participants in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and 9 participants in Labrador City; The facilitator was Jennifer Kelly. Martha MacDonald and Diane Brown organized things in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Karen Pottle-Fewer got things going in Labrador City. Another class is tentatively planned for July that will allow some participants to finish the Certificate in Leadership.

June 6: Martha helped with logistics and planning for FemNorthNet meeting in Goose Bay in July 2012.

June 6: Our ad for a Summer Student (Computer Support) went out and was also posted on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, thanks to Beatrice Dickers, Diane Brown and Karen Pottle-Fewer for working on this.

June 6: Rachel attended a York University aboriginal ethics working group meeting (via conference call) and will be helping to review protocols throughout the summer.

June 7: Labrador Institute employees are getting ready for Expo Labrador 2012! A staff meeting was held to plan for this event.

June 7: Academic advising for students, Martha participated.

June 7: Rachel hosted a skype meeting to discuss how to proceed with the next stage of analysis for the Iqaluit to Ottawa Knowledge Tracking Project.

June 8: Martha MacDonald, as an advisory board member of the Rooms, reviewed plans for new museum galleries at the Rooms.

June 8: Martha made some recommendations for musicians for the soundtrack of a film being made by Mario Blaser.

June 8: A public tender went out for additional office space in Happy Valley-Goose Bay; for more information, please contact Doreen Best.

June 8: The integrating of the LI's library collection into MUN's Library system is going well with the completion of Phase 1. With the exception of a few items, all materials catalogued up to April 22, 2012 are now showing in the main MUN library catalogue...still much more work to be done! For more information contact Karen Pottle-Fewer.