May 27-June 9, 2013

May 27-May 31: Merline was in St. John’s for meetings to discuss potential topics that could be considered in formulating research projects in Labrador. She met with the Department of Earth Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial and with Natural Resources NL, and Altius Minerals. She also received a tour of the different research laboratories and gave a seminar, as part of her application for adjunct faculty appointment, at the Department of Earth Sciences at Memorial.

May 28: Martha met with Sheila Freake and researchers from Queen’s University to review a questionnaire on knowledge about aboriginal people.

May 29: Marie Clément sent a funding proposal to Nalcor Energy to initiate a research project on the bioaccumulation of methylmercury in the aquatic food chain.

May 29: Joinal and Keith met with representatives of the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay to discuss possible collaboration on a biochar project related to the municipal landfill.

May 29: Keith submitted a CRC proposal to the Faculty of Medicine for consideration.

May 29: Martha and Morgon met with Malve Petersmann of Parks Canada to discuss plans for a new cultural centre in Nain.

May 30: Martha met with Suzanne Denty, Community Studies instructor, to help with developing a course on NL Society and Culture.

May 31: Martha discussed developing a proposal for the Cross-Campus Initiatives fund with Dr. Janie Parsons, School of Social Work.

May 31: Ron participated in a teleconference meeting of the Harris Centre Nominations Committee.

May 31: Ron attended the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce meeting, with Guest speaker, Hon. Jerome Kennedy, Minister of Finance.

June 3: Keith, Ron, Marie, Joinal, and Merline met to discuss planning for research poster presentations for our ExpoLabrador booth.

June 3: Martha Met with Mark Turner regarding the Labrador Film Foundation

June 4-7: Scott attended the Nunatsiavut Government Heritage Forum in Rigolet. He gave a presentation at this event on June 6th.

June 5: Martha attended a teleconference on NSERC procedures.

June 7: Four researchers from the University of Connecticut arrived at the LI Research Station to stay in the residence and use the lab for two weeks. They are working with Dr. Trevor Bell of Memorial and Tom Sheldon of the Nunatsiavut Government on their multi-year Lake Melville research project.

June 7: Keith hosted a job-shadowing student.

June 8: Scott gave Jamie Brake, a Nunatsiavut archaeologist, and Dr. William Fitzhugh, a Smithsonian archaeologist, a tour of North West RIver and the LI Research Station.

June 9: Marie Clément conducted a joint public meeting with Todd Bromfield (Director of Renewable Resources, Nunatsiavut Government) in Rigolet to present the different research projects that are being initiated on Atlantic salmon in Lake Melville.