May 26-June 8, 2014

Marie’s manuscript has been published in Oecologia! Clément, M., A. Chiasson, G. Veinott and D.K. Cairns. 2014. What otolith microchemistry and stable isotope analysis reveal and conceal about anguillid eel movements across salinity boundaries? Oecologia. doi: 10.1007/s00442-014-2969-8. Follow this link to find the article:

May 27: Martha attended a Research Council meeting.

May 28: Merline interviewed via Skype, two of the three pre-selected candidates (over a total of 5 applicants) for the Master position in mineral deposit research.

May 28: Merline and Morgon interviewed two of the three pre-selected candidates (over a total of 28 applicants) for the summer student assistantship position.

May 28: Martha, Sylvia and Ruby attended an Inuit Bachelor of Education steering committee meeting.

May 30: Scott welcomed graduate students Chelsee Arbour and Bryn Tapper, who are in North West River for the month of June, on graduate assistantships (GAships) to work on the Sheshatshiu archaeology project. Chelsee is doing an analysis of the soils excavated from the features; and Bryn is working on mapping the site in GIS.

May 30: Merline interviewed via Skype one of the pre- selected candidates (over a total of 10 applicants) for the MUCEP position.

May 30: Merline and Morgon interviewed one of the three pre-selected candidates for a summer student assistantship position, and then made the candidate selection. Mr. Daniel Frawley, a 3rd year student from the Department of Earth Sciences, MUN was selected for the summer student assistantship position. He started on June 02, 2014 and will be working on mineral deposit projects and environmental study throughout this summer.

May 30: Merline received the Harris Centre-RBC Water Research Outreach Fund ($15,000) for her research project “ A framework for better understanding drinking-water quality in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador: Implications for optimization and protection of municipally supplied water”. This research is composed of two components, analysis of drinking water and an online questionnaire survey. The research aim is to provide: (1) new information regarding the current situation of drinking-water quality; and (2) a better understanding of a variety of resident’s perception about the quality of tap water supplied by the Town and its effect on health.

May 31: Scott took part in the Newfoundland and Labrador Archaeological Society board meeting (via conference call).

May 31-June 1: Marie and Doreen completed the final module of the MCPM program and they both passed the course! Congratulations ladies!

June 1: Merline proceeded with the selection of the candidate for the Master position. Mr. Anthony Valvasory from Laurentian University, Sudbury (ON) was selected. Currently, he is working on his application for Graduate School Studies at MUN and is getting ready for the field trip planned this summer in Labrador to collect field data and rock/ore samples for his Master thesis research.

June 2: Merline proceeded with the selection of the candidate for the MUCEP position. Mr. Sean Murphy from the Department of Earth Sciences MUN was selected. Sean will be joining the field team later this summer in August.

June 2: A trainer from "On-Grade" was in North West River to provide training on the total station that was purchased to use for mapping archaeology sites.

June 2-3: Andrea participated in a workshop organized by the Nunatsiavut Government on Inuit Intergenerational Trauma and Healing in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

June 2-5: Morgon and Martha attended the Nunatsiavut Heritage Forum in Nain, where Morgon acted as forum facilitator and Martha represented the Labrador Institute as a delegate.

June 5: Morgon visited the OKâlaKatiget Society in Nain to discuss an ongoing archival project to repackage and release the Labradorimiut television series on DVD.

June 6: Scott received an archaeology permit from the Province to continue work on the Sheshatshiu Archaeology project.

June 7: Scott met with the SIFN band manager to discuss the archaeology project and the start date for fieldwork.

Bryn and Doreen are currently working on a new Tender for new office space for the LI as the lease on the Nunacor building expires in the near future.

Marie completed a peer-review of a DFO technical report entitled “ Workshop on the development & implementation of a water temperature monitoring network for Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) Rivers in Eastern Canada held in Quebec, Quebec, 22-23 January 2014: Abstracts and proceedings”.