May 13-26, 2013

May 13-26: Karen has been busy invigilating several UNISA exams in Labrador West.

May 13: Martha met with our upcoming post-doc, Dr. Andrea Procter, to discuss courses to be offered in January 2014.

May 13: Martha reviewed final exhibit labels for new galleries at the Rooms.

May 13 –16: Keith was at St. John’s campus for meetings.

  • May 13: Keith met with the Vice President (Academic).
  • May 14: Keith attended SAAG (Senior Academic Administrators Group) and met with the Dean of Medicine.
  • May 15: Keith met with Doug Wharram, Marketing and Communications, the Dean of Engineering, and ACOA.

May 14: Morgon hosted the final Labrador/ians on Film screening for the season, on Nunatsiavut Fisheries, welcoming guest speaker Julie Whalen, the Fisheries Research Program Manager at the Torngat Secretariat. Morgon discussed the season's success with Tony Dawson on Labrador Morning the following day.

May 14: Nathaniel met with staff from LGH's mental health and addictions department to discuss research.

May 14: Rebecca met with the new tenant relations worker at Melville Native Housing Association to discuss data collection and data analysis strategies.

May 14 -15: Karen has been making some updates to our website, for example, we have just added the new Research Strategy Framework, the Teaching and Learning Framework as well as the Public Engagement Framework to our webpage; check the Research page, the Education page and the Outreach page for these documents.

May 14 – 23: Rebecca had meetings with several graduate students and summer undergraduate students over the course of the week to discuss their research projects.

May 15: Ron participated along with Keith in a teleconference meeting with Marketing and Communications regarding the planning for a Memorial/LI booth at ExpoLabrador, June 23- 26, 2013.

May 16: Nathaniel and Martha met to continue planning the IBSW graduation.

May 17: Nathaniel participated in a organizing committee meeting for the Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics National Student Conference planning.

May 17: Rebecca met with a colleague from University of Manitoba to discuss preparation for a CIHR operating grant proposal.

May 17: LI staff attended a public presentation by Scott Neilsen, candidate for the Faculty of Arts position at LI.

May 21: Rebecca met with fellow co-presenters John Graham and Darlene Wall to discuss their upcoming presentation for the CU Expo conference.

May 21: Keith met with Dr. Mulay, the Associate Dean for Community Medicine by teleconference.

May 21: Nathaniel submitted a research proposal to Nunatsaivut Government's research review committee.

May 21: In collaboration with the Torngat Secretariat, Marie Clément received funding for a GradSWEP position. The GradSWEP program is a Memorial University program designed to leverage support and promote graduate student’s career development.

May 21: Keith and Doreen met by teleconference with C&C re: a network plan for the Labrador Institute.

May 22: Ron, Morgon and Doreen met and started working on Expo preparations/arrangements.

May 22: Labrador Institute follow-up staff meeting.

May 23: Martha has been working on the advertising for Master in Project Management through Gardiner Centre. The Chamber of Commerce is working with us to offer an information session during Expo Labrador.

May 23: Keith had a teleconference meeting with Memorial’s president.

May 23: Keith Chaulk, Joinal Abedin, and Diego Cerrudo met concerning a biochar working group.

May 24: Martha attended a meeting of the evaluation committee with newly-hired evaluator John Graham.

May 24: Rebecca attended the Mokami Status of Women Council Grand Opening for the new building on Grenfell Street where she delivered a speech and “cut the ribbon” for the new building.