May 12-25, 2014

May 12: Keith Chaulk returned from research leave and had a very busy week catching up with numerous meetings. Welcome Back Keith!

May 12: Kelly Nochasak McLean began work as our new summer student in the Labrador Institute archive, working primarily on collection development for our Labrador Inuit video holdings.

May 12: Martha met with CNNRO group on the CFI application, which is now submitted.

May 12: Classes started for our LI intersession courses, Introduction to Inuttitut and Producing the Documentary.

May 13: Labrador Institute staff meeting; Karen also travelled to Happy Valley –Goose Bay to attend this meeting.

May 13: Scott gave Karen a tour of the North West River Research Station; while in the area, Karen also visited the Labrador Interpretation Centre.

May 13: Morgon and Ron participated by teleconference in a ReSDA Advisory Committee meeting for the October workshop.

May 14: Doreen met with Research Accounting regarding fund balances.

May 14: Nathaniel presented his research at the Canadian Association of Health Services and Policy Research Conference in Toronto.

May 14-May 19: Scott attended the annual Canadian Archaeological Association Conference in London, Ontario where he presented a paper on archaeological policy in Labrador.

May 15: Nathaniel attended planning meetings in Toronto as part of the CIHR Circumpolar Mental Well-being and Suicide Prevention Team.

May 17-25: Keith traveled to Prince George, BC for UArctic meetings including a UArtic Council meeting (see the story here: and a Ma-Mawi meeting (senior management group meeting made up of President, Vice-Presidents, and heads of strategic areas). Keith also chaired a session at the International Conference of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS) entitled: Supporting Indigenous Knowledge & New Indigenous Paradigms in Science.

May 21: Martha, Sylvia and Ruby attended a curriculum meeting for the IBED.

May 21: Ron accompanied Joinal to a meeting regarding his research at the STANTEC office in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

May 21: Ron and Martha attended a Happy Valley-Goose Bay co-location meeting.

May 22: Doreen attended the Campus Managers Monthly Meeting. Agenda items were: OPS Review/Budget Update and Respectful Workplace Policy.

May 23: Martha attended a meeting of the focus group for IBSW evaluation.

May 23 & 24: Marie and Doreen attended module 8 of the Masters Certificate in Project Management.

The Torngat Wildlife Plants and Fisheries Secretariat committed a maximum contribution of $40,000 ($10,000 annually up to four fiscal years) to investigate the genetic structure and rivers of origin for Lake Melville Atlantic salmon (Marie’s Project). Excellent News!

Marie submitted her contribution to a Canadian Technical Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences aimed at describing methodologies for standardized effectiveness monitoring of habitat compensation activities in Canada.