March 4-17, 2013

March 4-8: Joinal travelled to Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook and to St. John’s Campus.

March 5: At Grenfell Campus, Joinal presented a research seminar to an Environmental Science seminar class and met with a number of faculty members (Dr. Wade Bowers, Dr. Dmitry Sveshnikov, Dr. Harunur Rashid and Dr. Bob Scott) to discuss possible partnership and collaboration in future research.

March 5: Marie Clément was an invited judge for the student oral presentation competition at the École Boréale.

March 6: Rebecca met with the Labrador Aboriginal Health Research Committee to discuss planning for a workshop on Aboriginal Health Research Priorities in Labrador.

March 7: At St. John’s Campus, Joinal met with Dr. Robert Helleur (Dept. of Chemistry) and Kelly Hawboldt (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science) to discuss potential collaborative research on methyl mercury reduction in aquatic systems.

March 7: Rebecca met with the coordinators of the National Campus Food Strategy project to discuss work at MUN on a campus food strategy.

March 8: International Women's Day Luncheon was held and was hosted by Mokami Status of Women Council. Rebecca spoke on a panel with Sheila Shiwak, Yvonne Jones, Sgt. Kelly Luffman, and Lidija Chubbs.

March 8: Joinal presented a research seminar to the Department of Earth Sciences at MUN and had a meeting with a number of faculty members (Dr. Susan Ziegler, Dr. Tao Cheng and Dr. Penny Morrill) from the same department in respect to possible research partnership and collaboration in the future.

March 8: Joinal had a lab tour of the Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences at MUN that allowed him to get an idea of what analytical capabilities MUN has in respect to soil and environmental research.

March 8: Marie Clément submitted a research proposal to Nalcor Energy for funding consideration.

March 12: Marie Clément met with Atanu Sarkar (Community Health) to discuss potential collaboration on the effects of contaminants.

March 12: Ron attended a session as part of the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce planning committee for the Northern Exposure Conference and Trade Show scheduled for January 29-31, 2014 in Ottawa.

March 12: Labrador/ians on Film was delighted to welcome Elizabeth Penashue and Robin McGrath to co-host our 4th screening of the season. Our two films, Meshkanu and Nutshimit, both proved quite popular.

March 13: Karen attended a final meeting of the planning committee for the Harris Centre Regional Worshop and Memorial Presents that will be happening in Labrador West.

March 13: Rebecca attended a monthly meeting of the Upper Lake Melville region Community Food Hub.

March 13: Rebecca participated in a workshop with Dr. Leah Levac on the development of a vitality index for women's wellbeing in the Upper Lake Melville region.

March 14: Rebecca co-chaired the monthly meeting of the Happy Valley - Goose Bay Housing and Homelessness Coalition.

March 14: Marie Clément met with Ed Tuttauk (Sivunivut Inuit Community Corporation) and Guy Playfair (Innu First Nation) to discuss the aquatic research program.

March 14-15: Morgon attended training sessions and policy meetings at the Queen Elizabeth II Library in St. John's.

March 15: Rebecca attended the monthly meeting of the Steering Committee of Food Secure Canada/Sécurité Alimentaire Canada.