Marcn 19-30, 2012

LI PhD student, Nathaniel Pollock, completed his comprehensive examinations for Community Health

Review of the draft document that resulted from two engagement sessions in Labrador (Engaging with Labrador and Engaging Aboriginal Communities) by the Experts Working Group for the university's engagement framework; Martha MacDonald of the LI is a member of this group.

Two LI staff, Ilana Alice and Morgon Mills were hired to teach in the Bachelor of Social Work program. They will be teaching in the Spring intersession courses offered in partnership between LI, School of Social Work, Nunatsiavut Government, and the English and Sociology departments. The courses they will be teaching include:
SOCI 2250: Changing World (Ilana Alice)
ENGL 2010: Intro to Professional Writing (Morgon Mills)

March 12: "A Good Place to Start a Wood Business" Canadian Institute of Forestry – Forests without Borders: Presenter: Dr. J. A. Munro, held at the Kinsmen Centre, Happy Valley-Goose Bay. This was a historical review of logging operations at Kaipokok Bay, Labrador in the 1930s and 1940s.

March 14: Interview for the position of Operations, Facility and Logistics Coordinator for the research facility in North-West River

March 15: Happy Valley-Goose Bay – Corner Brook Farmers' Gathering Workshop in Corner Brook, NL. In partnership with Drs. Gabriela Sabau, Wade Bowers, and Mano Krishnapillia of Grenfell Campus' Environmental Studies and the Environmental Policy Institute, the Labrador Institute was successful in receiving funds from the Provincial Agrifoods Development Branch for this workshop. This workshop was initially suggested by Dr. Gabriela Sabau, an environmental economist from Grenfell's Environmental Studies program, during the November 2011 visit of Grenfell professors and researchers to Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

March 20: Health Canada Climate Change Adaptation Program; joint proposal for funding with the Sivunivut Inuit Community Corporation was successful; this funding will allow us to move forward with Stage II of the project: Traditional Knowledge: A Blue Print For Change

March 21-22: Canadian Network of Northern Research Operators annual meeting at the new Arctic Studies Research Centre in Churchill, Manitoba; discussed issues involved in running a research centre; attended by Scott Neilson of the LI.

March 21-22: Martha MacDonald was a guest lecturer in Scott Neilson's Labrador Society and Culture class, discussing autobiography in Labrador.

March 22: 6th Annual London Affinity Newfoundland and Labrador Dinner, at the House of Commons in London, England. Event was attended by Jennifer Wight of the Labrador Institute. Jennifer hosted the Labrador Institute's table, with 8 individuals with a connection to Labrador, as well as 2 students from Harlow Campus

March 23: Tour of Harlow Campus facilities, visit to a local theatre, tour of some of the town of Harlow. Contact: Jennifer Wight.

March 23: Women, Obesity and Food Security meeting with community members from around HV-GB and Maritime Women's Health Centre of Excellence (Halifax) to discuss potentials to investigate possible research in Labrador around obesity and food security for women; attended by Rebecca Schiff of LI.

March 23: Research Associate (Soil Science) position advertised; closing date April 20th

March 24: Labrador/ians on Film screening at the Labrador Friendship Centre, theme was "Grenfell's Legacy".

Labrador Life, Spring 2012 issue; story about Labrador/ians on Film screening series, entitled, Moments in Time: monthly screening series provides a glimpse of the past, by Jon Beale.

March 26-30: Basic Archives Course offered by the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives (ANLA) and hosted by Them Days; Morgan Mills of the LI participated.

March 26: Position of Operations, Facility and Logistics Coordinator filled and started work full-time

March 27: Teleconference, LI Director, Keith Chaulk, with Associate Vice President Academic; Topic: performance against objectives

March 28: LI Director, Keith Chaulk, met with local farmers association concerning upcoming soil scientist position at LI

March 28: Teleconference, LI Director, Keith Chaulk, with Dean of Science concerning a possible cost shared faculty position in Sciences.

March 29: Teleconference, LI Director with Associate Vice President of Research concerning participation in his research council; also discussed the process to review a potential draft MOU with Fulbright Canada

March 29: Campus Food Strategy Group meeting at St. John's Campus, Rebecca Schiff of the LI attended as "Faculty Advisor" to the group which is composed of facilities management, Chartwells, Student Union, Oxfam, NL Food Security Network, and other representatives. This group is looking at ways to create a more sustainable and healthy food system on campus.

March 19- 30: 92 items of Labrador Institute Material catalogued ; total of 16 boxes of books ready to ship to the LI's Library and Archives in HV-GB from Labrador City.

March 30: LI director, Keith Chaulk, assisted Lori McNeill with statistical analysis of her PhD research

March 30: Mary Ellen Wright of ANLA visited the LI's Library and Archives and provided insights into our ongoing collection development initiatives.

March 30: Breastfeeding Research Affinity Group at St. John's Campus; Rebecca Schiff is working with the group to investigate possibilities for breastfeeding research in Labrador.

March 30: received the Lab Equipment shipments for the LI Research Station in North West River

March 19-30: LI staff in HV-GB and Labrador City working with the Division of Lifelong Learning to deliver Effective Leadership, a one-day workshop coming up in April that can go towards a Certificate in Leadership; for more information contact: Martha MacDonald or Karen Pottle-Fewer

March 2012: Visiting Researchers at the LI Research Station in North West River:
Chelsea Arbour, a PhD student at MUN, staying for two weeks, preparing fieldwork at Kamestastin Lake in the Labrador Interior.
Vivian O'Brien, delivering a program on site for the College of North Atlantic

Upcoming: Linguistics 2100: Language and Communication, LI Intersession Course from May 7 to June 8; taught by Dr. Doug Wharram in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, contact Martha MacDonald for more information.